Timber and Laminate Flooring FAQs, Geelong

Is laminate timber flooring scratch resistant?

Laminate flooring will still mark but it is much more resistant to scratching than solid timber or floating timber floors, however scratches on laminated flooring cannot be sanded.

Can engineered hardwood flooring be sanded?

Yes, floating flooring can be sanded lightly several times. The engineered timber flooring can also be buffed and re-coated (top coat only) as many times as needed.

Can you walk on engineered wood floor straight after installation?

Yes, this is one of the major benefits of installing pre-finished floating timber floors.

Why choose a solid timber floor over pre-finished floating floor?

There are many reasons to choose solid timber flooring but one of the most significant is it can be sanded numerous times over many, many years and if looked after will outlast and out shine floating flooring, laminate or cork flooring.

What is the difference between timber grades?

At Complete Flooring Solutions we use Hunford Grade Descriptions to grade our timber.

  • Select Grade: (to AS 2796) Note: Individual boards are marked with a “1”. The features that are present are relatively small and few in number. Irrespective of the species the features although visible do not dominate the appearance of the floor.
  • Standard Grade: (Medium Feature/Standard Grade to AS 2796) Note: Individual boards are marked with a “2”. This grade contains boards that may be moderately featured. Where gum veins are more prevalent in a species, considerably more character is provided to the floor and may look quite dominant in light-coloured species. Species in this grade with less gum vein may appear more lightly featured due to smaller features bring prevalent, such as those from previous borer activity.
  • Feature Grade: (High Feature Grade to AS 2796) Note: Individual boards are marked with an “8”. In many respects this grade can look similar to Standard Grade but the features a little more frequent and dominant.

Blackbutt flooring: In this species gum vein and pinhole borer are the prominent features that provide a clear delineation between grades.

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