Flooring Trims Geelong

Complete Flooring Solutions offer an extensive range of high quality flooring trims to clients in Geelong and surrounding areas including the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula. Flooring trims work to seamlessly bridge and blend two sections of flooring, most commonly available in timber, vinyl, carpet, ceramic tiles, laminate and more.

Whether it’s a universal cover trim you need to join floor of the same level, stair nosing trims to neatly finish staircases, a border trim for sliding floors, a ramp trim or a multi-angle trim for those hard-to-reach areas, the Complete Flooring Solutions team are here to help. Our collection of flooring trims is vast and if we haven’t listed what you are looking for, chances are we can find it and offer it to you for an affordable price.

Our supply of flooring trims are available in 17 variations and 36 colours, making us one of the largest providers in Geelong. Some of our colours include but are not limited to:

  • Black
  • Blackbutt
  • Bronze
  • Brushbox
  • CC Weathered Oak
  • Champagne
  • Dark Grey
  • Driftwood
  • EC Limed Oak
  • EC Smoked Oak
  • Light Grey
  • Montana
  • Redwood
  • Silver
  • Spotted Gum
  • Stringybark
  • White Non-Gloss
  • White Stone and more

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with quality product and reasonable prices. If you want a reliable service that you can trust, then contact our expert flooring professionals today on (03) 5241 1145 for a quote. Complete Flooring Solutions also offer competitive flooring supplies such as concrete coating supplies and flooring adhesives. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trim Colour Options

Trim Types


The Universal Cover Trim is used where timber or laminate joins another floor of the same level or slightly different height. Most often used where timber or laminate meets existing floor coverings such as stretch carpet, cork, tiles or other existing coverings that are slightly higher or lower than the flooring being installed or as an expansion trim for large area floors.

This trim is available in 21 vinyl wrapped wood colours and 3 metal colours Champagne, Silver and Rose. (As seen below in the photographs.) The Universal Cover trim is designed for use in light commercial and domestic projects. This trim is not designed to be load bearing (trolleys etc.)

To install the Universal Cover Trim, firstly the base plate is glued to the floor and then the correct plastic insert is slotted into the cover trim and then pushed into the base plate to “clamp’ down to the floor, once the flooring is installed. It has a 45mm top cover and is available in 3.4 mtr lengths. A base plate and insert is required. The 3.4mtr kits come with three inserts for all flooring thicknesses.


Senior Stair Nosing (14mm), Mid Stair Nosing (12mm), Junior Stair Nosing (8mm)

Stair Nosing is a trim used for finishing of steps and staircases neatly. This trim is adhered to the edge of the step using permanent construction adhesive and mechanically fixed where required.

This is used as a transition trim to join step treads and risers (upright, vertical part of the step neatly). The trim accommodates expansion for both tread and riser, and has a top coverage of 14mm. The profile is available in 18 vinyl wrapped wood colours and 3 metal colours Rose, Champagne and Silver. (As shown below.)

The Stair Nosing Trim is designed for use in domestic and commercial applications. They are available in 3.4metre lengths.


Border Trim Range – Flooring Heights (7-22mm)

The Border trim profile can be used for a neat finishing against sliding doors, full length windows, tiled finishing edges.

The base profile is installed prior to the installation of the floor covering, with the top section and insert installed last of all. This is a great option for DIY installers in replacement for End Profiles. The top coverage of this trim is 26mm. Available in the full range of 18 vinyl (wood colours) and 3 metal finishes and is 3.4 metres in length.


Available in Senior Ends (14.5mm), Mid Ends (12.3mm), 3 Sized Junior Ends (9.5mm, 8.3mm), Xtra Small Junior End (5.5mm & 6.5mm in Silver, Rose and Champagne)

End Trims are one of the most common profiles.

They can be used for a neat finish against sliding doors, full height floor to ceiling windows, carpets, tiled areas and other floor finishings. This profile is glued to the floor and the floating floor slots into the trim, it has 19mm top coverage and is 3.4 metres in length.


Most often used where timber or laminate meets WPC/vinyl, direct stick carpet/carpet tiles or raw or polished concrete, this trim is available in Rose, Silver and Champagne or a range of timber look, vinyl wrap colours.

The Ramp trim is designed for use in very light commercial and domestic use. It has a top cover of 45mm and is installed using a base plate and a plastic clamp (8mm,12mm,14mm 17mm) system that holds the trim in position. The Ramp kits come with the senior insert and is 3.4 metres in length.


Multi angle is used for coverage in tight fitting areas such as under dishwasher areas or areas where an end trim is not easily installed.

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