Timber Coating Supplies Geelong

Having the right supplies and equipment is crucial to the success and quality of a project. We at Complete Flooring Solutions understand this, and as a result offer timber coating supplies to tradesmen, contractors and those undertaking DIY projects. Used across residential, commercial and industrial domains, timber coatings help you to get the most out of your timber and most importantly protect it.

Our collection of timber coating supplies is extensive and while we predominantly service Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine and Ballarat, our products are available to clients Australia-wide. If you have a project that is in need of quality timber coating supplies, then we are here to help. Our range includes a variety of supplies including:

  • Timber Finishing Supplies
  • Commercial Timber Floor Supplies
  • Residential Timber Floor Supplies
  • Timber Abrasives Supplies

We at Complete Flooring Solutions pride ourselves on a high standard of service, exceptional customer experience and top quality products. We care about your projects and want to see them succeed and thrive. Contact us today on (03) 5241 1145 to learn more about our timber coating supplies service, we look forward to your call.

The coatings for timber floors are as many and varied as the types of timber. Some finishes are oil-based, some are composites of oil and solvent-borne polyurethane, some are solvent-borne polyurethane and others are water-borne polyurethane. Which timber floor coating is right for your floor will depend on the type of timber, the traffic, the gloss finish you’re after – the list goes on.

We also supply professional concrete coating supplies that work to protect and sustain your concrete projects – residential, commercial and industrial.

Talk to Complete Flooring Solutions to discover which coating your floor requires.