Laminate Flooring, Geelong

Laminate flooring is the perfect solution if you want the look of a timber floor but require increased durability as well as scratch and stain resistance.

Timber laminate flooring is often confused with engineered timber floors, however laminate wood flooring has an image of wood on the surface instead of a thin veneer of timber.

Laminate flooring is made in layers. The bottom layer is the backing layer. It’s moisture resistant, preventing the board from warping. The inner core layer comprises high-density fibreboard which is treated to increase water resistance and durability. The next layer is a high-resolution picture of timber followed by the top layer which protects the flooring from fading, scratches and damage from everyday wear and tear.

Please contact Complete Flooring Solutions for more information about laminate timber flooring or laminate bamboo flooring. We also have engineered timbers flooring, and solid timber flooring.


A cost-effective alternative to solid timber floors.