Timber flooring appeals in Geelong and beyond
July 25, 2014

Post Content There are few things more attractive than natural beauty; those good looks that come courtesy of Mother Nature and need no enhancements, touch-ups or special lighting. Timber flooring has those natural good looks – that natural beauty found only in wood, with its grains, colours and textures, all courtesy of the wonder of nature. At Complete Flooring Solutions in Geelong we understand the appeal of wood’s natural beauty and that’s why we provide timber flooring Geelong and district householders can admire and enjoy for decades to come. But what is it that makes timber flooring such an appealing and popular choice for floors? Why is it that Geelong timber flooring choices are not that much different from timber flooring choices anywhere else in the world? There is no simple answer because just as science cannot explain beauty, it cannot accurately explain why the lustre and feel of wood under our feet and hands is so appealing and why so many people choose timber over other floor choices. Beauty aside, however, there are countless practical reasons why timber flooring features in Geelong and district houses, both new and old, and why it continues to have such timeless appeal. Perhaps the leading reason for timber flooring’s enduring appeal is that it is durable and, unlike other floor surfaces, tends to improve with age, like a good wine. Timber floors also don’t need hours of scrubbing and cleaning to look their best because there are few places in timber for dirt to be trapped. That ability to remain clean creates another element of timber flooring’s appeal. People who suffer asthma and from allergic reactions are more likely to breathe easier in houses with timber flooring. Geelong news outlets feature stories of asthma attacks and hayfever outbreaks each year and while we can’t do much for people while they’re outdoors, we can suggest they would be more comfortable inside a house with timber floors than a home with wall-to-wall dust-trapping carpet. From a financial perspective, there is also the well-known real estate benefit of timber flooring to take into account. Timber flooring creates a perception of prestige – it looks valuable – and also ensures your home is like no other. No two pieces of timber are the same and therefore no genuine timber flooring can be the same as the next floor. Whether you’re in Geelong, Torquay or Lorne, or anywhere else for that matter, your timber flooring is as unique as you are. And if you’re not yet convinced of timber flooring’s appeal, then rely on your senses: Your sense of sight – timber is beautiful to look at. Your sense of touch – timber feels wonderful, whether you’re feeling it with your hands or your feet. Your sense of smell – yes, even your sense of smell. Timber has a wonderful natural fragrance. We won’t vouch for timber’s effect on your sense of taste, nor sense of hearing but three out of the five senses can’t be wrong. At Complete Flooring Solutions we are the Geelong timber flooring experts and will happily spend hours extolling the virtues of timber and its natural beauty, whether it’s blackbutt or brushbox timber or perhaps a Boral timber flooring product. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with our expert team and you’ll be singing timber’s praises too.